Building Trust is the Single Most Important Thing You Can Do.

I like to call oxytocin “the neurochemical of trust.”

Real trust not only has an effect on your employee retention but also on your profit line.

When we feel trust and connection, oxytocin triggers the release of dopamine which provides us with bursts of energy and feelings of joy. 🥰

Oxytocin also jump-starts the production of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that helps us achieve emotional stability and reduces anxiety. 🧘

It takes more than one after-work karaoke night or a weekend off-site to achieve this!

Put it into action!

When companies build a culture of trust, they are also more profitable, according to neuro-economist Paul Zak.

One of Zak’s studies found that companies where employees reported strong bonds and high levels of trust between colleagues generated, on average, $10,000 more revenue per employee per year. That means a company of 5,000 could bring in an additional $5 million in revenue! 💵

It’s a chain reaction: Trusting employees are happy and feel joy in their job, which in turn, helps the business. 

With less stress and burnout, more engagement and energy to work, and higher productivity, one of the keys to success starts with trust.