Celebrating The Brain-Friendly Workplace!

It’s finally here!!

Today’s the day! “The Brain-Friendly Workplace” is officially out in the world!💃🎉🙌

To celebrate, instead of having a fancy party, I am taking the day to reflect, be proud of myself, and be with my family.❤️

As an introvert, I prefer this way of celebrating my achievement. With my first book, we had a big party in New York with tons of guests, and while fun and memorable, it was equally stressful.

But don’t worry! I’m not leaving my followers behind!😊

Bringing The Brain-Friendly Workplace Home

I will celebrate with all of you on social media, and I am excited to hear your thoughts and feedback. And my fall schedule is packed with many events and speaking opportunities where I will share my brain-friendly workplace ideas! 

Though, I do have one obligation today: I promised my kids the very first copy. So they get a private signing with their mama.

If you haven’t already, order my ✨NEW✨ book, “The Brain-Friendly Workplace” → https://bit.ly/3PCVnsU