Do You Find Joy In Organization?

Neat and Tidy, and with a High-Serotonin Neurosignature

If you’re one of those people who comes home from grocery shopping and immediately puts your food into individual, pretty containers that are all neatly organized… you may have a high-serotonin neurosignature. 

Some additional qualities are:

  • You are loyal and conscientious
  • Duty, respectability, traditions, and morals are important to you
  • You are cautious, but not fearful
  • You love traditions like family holidays and anniversaries
  • The idea of a label-maker *really* excites you (ok, kidding, but you do thrive on organization and structure)

Kate Middleton is a great example of how a high-serotonin leader conducts themself in the public eye. (She’s fashionable yet conservative, remains calm in the face of tabloids’ remarks about her “commoner” background, and conforms to royal traditions). 

Be aware, however, that in the extreme our high-serotonin friends may be plagued by anxiety and worry and, when stressed, can become paralyzed by what other people think.

Here’s how to play to high-serotonin employees’ strengths:

  • Consider them for management. Other people sense they are trustworthy and stable. They remain calm under pressure and are good at mediatinig conflicts.
  • Let them thrive on details. These are folks that love fine print. High-serotonin folks make great lawyers and accountants.
  • Provide them with a daily routine that includes few surprises. They’ll value security and benefits

Do you think you may have a high-serotonin neurosignature? 

Neurosignature Concept Credit: Neurocolor – Illustration Credit: Carolin Nischwitz

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