Keeping Things Fun and Light With Dopamine

Do you have a high-dopamine neurosignature? Let’s find out!

Are you the person who always has a joke up their sleeve and keeps a light, fun atmosphere during a boring business meeting? If so, you may have a high-dopamine neurosignature!

Other traits include:

  • You seek out sensation and novelty.
  • You’re energetic, curious, creative, and impulsive.
  • You skew optimistic and generous.
  • You are future-oriented and entrepreneurial.

But be careful! When left unchecked, this neurosignature can make you reckless and vulnerable to addictions.

Some famous high-dopamine founders include Sara Blakely and Richard Branson (unsurprisingly, they’re friends! And if I were to bet, they likely keep each other in stitches…)

Here’s how to keep high-dopamine people happy at work:

  • Provide them with creativity and autonomy. 
  • Provide them with new projects, frequent promotions, and job rotations. (They looove travel.)
  • Keep their work lives interesting, fresh, and rewarding. (Routine is the enemy!)

How many of you relate to having high-dopamine neurosignature? What type of work do you do? I’m curious to know!

Neurosignature Concept Credit: Neurocolor – Illustration Credit: Carolin Nischwitz

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