Not Everyone Needs, or Wants, to Come out of Their Shell

Put your hand up if you’re an introvert!

…. Or maybe that’s a bit too out there, maybe just sit quietly and nod 😂

And I’ll be nodding right there beside you like the proud introvert that I am! 👋

A huge point that I strive to get across when speaking on what makes a workplace Brain-Friendly, is to stop trying to force introverts to be MORE extroverted. The amount of times I have seen teams try to force people into social situations that they do not 🙅 want to be in, just for the sake of team building, is wild! 

Instead of forcing our introverted team members to be “more outgoing”, why not engage with them in a way that they are comfortable with? 

Food for thought: When was the last time that you heard someone say “It would just be so nice if you would go back into your shell a little bit! People would really like you more once they got to know less of you.” – sounds ridiculous when you put it that way! 🤭

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