The Power of Awe

The effects of experiencing awe on reducing stress

What brings you awe?Β 

Is it hiking in nature or seeing the sunrise (or set) on the beach? πŸŒ…

Is it listening to your child laugh or sharing a family story with your parent?πŸ’ž

Scientists have discovered that experiencing wonder and awe reduces inflammation and stress. 

Harnessing wonder at work

Armed with this information, brain-friendly companies have made strides to create wonder in the workplace as a way to boost productivity and creativity among their employees.

For example, how would you react when walking into the office and seeing green plants, warm wood accents, wellness rooms, and huge windows that let in plenty of natural sunlight? That’s what employees enjoyed at UBS Wealth Management headquarters in Weehawken, New Jersey, when the company partnered with WeWork.

Each person, each neuro signature, has a unique way to de-stress and come back to their flow state. 

When companies offer an outlet in the office, whether it is an experience or a space to feel wonder, it makes it easier to go back to tasks with a refreshed brain.