What it Means to Have a High-Testosterone Neurosignature

A high-testosterone neurosingature doesn’t automatically mean “male”

When we hear “testosterone,” our minds often jump to “men,” but the truth is all genders can have a high-testosterone neurosignature!

Here are some signs you may be thriving with testosterone:

  • You enjoy competition and are wonderfully independent
  • You’re outspoken, straightforward, and focused
  • You get stuff DONE
  • You’re incredibly decisive and hardly second guess yourself
  • You are interested in machines and how things work
  • You’re brave and altruistic (If a building is on fire, you’re running in!)

A celebrity who is a surprising example of the high-testosterone neurosignature? Angelina Jolie! (Told you it’s not just for men…)

Jolie pilots her own plane despite being able to afford private flights, enjoys tinkering with its engine, does her own dangerous stunt work, and, upon hearing she carried the BRCA gene associated with breast cancer, decisively moved forward with a double mastectomy.

She’s also very altruistic, travelling the world as a special envoy to the UN Refugee Agency. 

At work, high testosterone employees value achievement. They are allergic to office politics due to their straightforward nature. They dislike frequent check-ins and want to be trusted to get the job done. 

Careful though, if this is you, make sure not to neglect your health if you’re strongly focused. Exercise and find a release, so you don’t get over-amped and explode on colleagues. 

What do you think? Do you relate to having a high-testosterone neurosignature?

Neurosignature Concept Credit: Neurocolor – Illustration Credit: Carolin Nischwitz

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