Are You Monitoring Your Air Quality? If Not, You Should Be.

It’s the most insidious factor in poor brain health – and nobody is talking about it!

When I started monitoring the air quality in our house everyone around me thought I had gone nuts. 🫣

But it’s a fact the quality of the air that your breath has a dramatic impact on your health and wellness! We all know that pollutants in the air can cause respiratory ailments (COPD, asthma, even lung cancer) but very few people are talking about the impact they have on our brains.

The WHO found that ambient and household air pollution is associated with 7 million premature deaths annually. And researchers in Canada found that the risk of dementia increased by 3% for every 1µg/m3 increase of fine particulate matter exposure.

So cue me setting up humidifiers and filters, methodically checking ingredients in our household products, and adding a monitoring device to our home. Ensuring a healthy environment for my family is my biggest priority – so naturally I am extremely passionate about this!

Improve your health with a few small changes

You can make adjustments today to improve the air quality for your family! And the good thing is, a lot of them are pretty easy:

  1. Use an air filter* (such as a HEPA filter)
  2. Add a  humidifier to your home*
  3. Keep your home well ventilated, and avoid condensation.
  4. Check your household products to make sure they don’t contain pollutants that will end up in your air
  5. Start a diligent vaccuuming* and dusting routine in your home
  6. If it is within your means, research the air quality of the area that you live in and consider a change if it is poor.

*It is so important to make sure that you are changing the filters on these at regular intervals! Otherwise, you may be causing more harm than good.

I’m extremely happy to say that my efforts have been a success! We now have excellent air quality inside our home and I feel much more comfortable knowing that my family is going to be healthier because of it.

Even Nanu is thanking me – and Nanu knows best! 😅

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