Brain-Friendly Friday: Boost Your Mood With Movement

Get in short bursts of exercise to boost your brain power. 

It can be so hard to schedule in a workout. Someone says 45 minutes of cardio is best; 🏃 another says focus more on weights than aerobics. 💪 

Who is right? Who cares! 

What I DO know is this – exercise, in any form, is great for the brain!

To get that boost in, try this method: 

• Turn your phone to “airplane mode” to block distractions.

• Set your phone’s timer for 45 minutes and dive into your deep work immediately.

• When the timer goes off, set it for 15 minutes.

• Exercise for 15 minutes.

• Repeat.

It could be a brisk walk to the coffee shop, a quick YouTube exercise video, or focusing on a muscle group with a set of hand weights. Pick your preference and GO!