Brain-Friendly Friday: Emotional Labelling

Are your emotions controlling you? Or are you in control of them?

Have you ever been so angry you couldn’t think straight? The day is now ruined by your mood.😠

One of my favorite ways to regulate emotions is “emotional labeling.” 

This technique shifts your processing of a stressful emotion from the amygdala, which has just been flooded with stress hormones, to the prefrontal cortex, your brain’s seat of reason and mood regulation. This rapidly calms your body’s reaction instead of cascading into the hypothalamus and adrenal glands.

🗣️ Start by saying out loud, “I feel ____.” This needs to be specific: Is it anger or resentment? Disappointment or grief?

😮‍💨Next, notice how you feel. Your heart rate will come back down, and you can take a few deep breaths. 

📲 Finally, share your emotions with a friend (if possible). Notice how even texting “I’m so angry!” can make you feel better. 

Now you have a technique under your belt that you can use right away.

Will you try emotional labeling today? If you do, tell me how it goes!

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