Brain-Friendly Friday: Harness Your Productivity With Habit Stacking

Brain-Friendly Friday Tip: Habit stack for higher productivity

When I take phone calls, I go for a walk.

This helps me implement healthy habits (exercise) while getting work tasks done.

Don’t have time to get everything done or want to try something new but don’t have enough time? I have a hack: habit stacking.

How habit stacking can help you excel

A few more examples:

When I get out of bed, I will take 5 big sips of water. 🥛
While I cook dinner, I will listen to one career-related podcast episode.🎧
I will take my morning medication right before eating breakfast.🍳

Put your new habits inside existing habits so they don’t eat up so much time and energy.⏱️

What habits will you start stacking next week?

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