Brain-Friendly Friday: How to Improve Your Sleep

For a Better Sleep at Night, Start Your Morning Off Right!

Sleep is just out of reach for many adults. 

If you’re a parent, you know that you spend a huge chunk of time convincing little humans who don’t want to go to bed that they need to go to sleep…when you are craving to be under the covers instead! 😴

I know this all too well with 5 kids and a hectic career.

Thankfully, I have discovered some sleep hacks that I make an effort to do to ensure I get a proper night’s sleep and support my overall brain health!

Let’s start with the morning:

☀️ Throw open the shades and get outside into the sun as soon as possible after you wake up. Sunlight gives you a cortisol and dopamine boost to start your day. It also prompts your brain to release serotonin, which will transform at night into melatonin, aka the “sleep hormone.”

☕ If you drink coffee in the morning, consider waiting until an hour after you’ve gotten up. Some experts suggest that it’s best to separate your morning cortisol/dopamine boost from your caffeine peak by holding off on that first cup of coffee for a little while. I personally only drink decaf since caffeine messes up your hormones and your sleep – even if you only drink it in the morning.

🏋️ Work out in the morning, if possible. It kick-starts your circadian rhythm, making it easier to sleep at night. Even better? Do it in the sunshine!

🗣️ Tackle difficult conversations in the morning. This gives you time to work through your emotions so that by the end of the day, you’re ready to let them go.

Want to learn my afternoon and evening sleep hacks? They are in my new book, “The Brain-Friendly Workplace!”