Brain-Friendly Friday: If Not Now, Then When?

Brain-Friendly Friday Tip: Be Intentional To Create Better Habits

Did you not work out this week even though you wanted to build that into your routine? 😣

Try this: Create a when/then statement.

● When I take off my work shoes, I will then immediately put on my workout clothes.
● When I am done brewing a pot of coffee, I will then meditate for 5 minutes.
● When I turn off the lights for bed, I will also then turn my phone off.
● When I drop the kids off at school, I will then drive to the yoga studio for class.

Be Intentional!

If people make specific plans instead of general statements (“I am going to exercise, take a walk, sleep better”), they are more likely to go through with their habits!

The scientific term for these when-then-plans is “implementation intentions”.

Implementation intentions work because they are processed by deep brain areas, so they remove willpower from the equation and turn your activities into habits rather than something you have to actively think about.

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