Brain-Friendly Friday: More Hours Does Not Mean More Productivity

Putting in more hours at work won’t make you more productive

This is the time of year when you might feel the need to go full throttle this time of year, putting in more and more hours. 

But did you know that people who add 15+ hours to their typical 40-hour workweek increase their risk of stroke by 35% and heart disease by 17%?

More hours ≠ more productivity & profit!

Move away from hustle culture

Instead of adding to hustle culture, begin encouraging employees with these Brain-Friendly ways to improve productivity:

😴 Enable them to get enough sleep. 

🏃 Provide them with time and incentives to exercise. 

🥗 Supply healthy meal and snack options. 

🧘 Create a quiet, peaceful office environment. 

📱 Allow them to turn off phones and email notifications so they can dive into deep work. 

😊 Encourage them to get up and take breaks to stimulate the flow of energizing dopamine in their brains. 

These 6 tips are just the start of how you can create a brain-friendly working environment.