Brain-Friendly Friday: Why we need laughter at work

Should “sense of humour” be a job requirement?

Probably not, after all, humour is subjective, and an entire workforce of wisecrackers can likely cause communication issues.

However, when we hire people with high-dopamine neurosignatures (the fun, curious, creative, energetic optimists), you promote fun into the workplace, which also creates a brain-friendly workplace.

Adding a bit of fun into the mix

I once had a high-dopamine colleague who kept us in stitches. He always cracked jokes, told funny anecdotes, and found humour in the bleakest moments. He boosted our performance by raising our dopamine to new heights, keeping the team energetic and positive.

This happened because laughing releases dopamine, a natural brain booster. When this happens, it creates euphoria and increases motivation.

If you have someone like this on your team, keep them. Even if they aren’t one of your top performers, they’ll raise the mood and performance of the entire team.