Do We Really Need All of These Zoom Meetings?

I don’t do video calls unless I absolutely have to!

I have experienced better conversations when it is voice-only because the person and I are in tune with what the other is saying and not distracted by our images on screen.

Evidence backs up my preference by showing that voice-only calls can be superior in quality to video calls in gauging speakers’ emotions and synchronizing vocal cues and speaking turns.

Too much of a good thing

Just like in-person interactions, video calls can cause fatigue (especially to introverts), as if there is a performance aspect through dressing up, setting up the background, making eye contact, and other areas that aren’t necessary with voice-only calls.

Moreover, we know that the brain can experience “visual overload” during video conferences and perceive the faces of others up close as a “threat”.

If I can have an engaging and productive conversation with someone AND still be in my pyjamas while doing so … I’ll choose that every time!

Which do you prefer: voice-only or video calls?