Do You Feel Less Stressed Compared To Your Peers? 

You might have a high-testosterone neurosignature

Our competitive and wonderfully independent, high-testosterone friends seem to be able to handle more stress than the rest of us. 

How can this be?

Well, one possible explanation is testosterone has a blunting effect which may raise the threshold for stress. You might think this may be a bonus to this neurosignature – but their performance can still suffer from the results of long stress. 

On the other end, people with less activity in the brain’s testosterone system may be more prone to being “jumpy” and experience anxiety and fear. One study showed that a dose of testosterone reduced “the startle response,” which is our reflexive “flinch” to being surprised by a loud noise. 

Want to enjoy a temporary boost to your stress resistance?

Try weightlifting! The exercise surges testosterone levels and can also increase confidence.🏋️‍♀️ 

I like to lift weights three times a week. It makes me feel like superwoman – if only for a few hours.🦸‍♀️ 

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