Free your body and your brain will follow

Do you suffer from “corona brain”? Do you feel that your mind is foggy and that anxiety, worries, or constant distractions decrease your productivity and happiness? Neuroscience to the rescue!

Here is a simple principle that works like a charm: Free your body and your brain will follow. It is impossible for your brain to feel stressed out when your body is completely relaxed. Let me break it to you: Your brain is a part of your body.

If you body is happy, your brain will pick up on the vibes. You can use your body to master your emotions. This is much easier than using the executive functions of your prefrontal cortex (aka willpower) to combat stress. Not all of us are zen masters. 

Try out any of these quick body-based brain hacks:

1. Take a walk

2. Go running

3. Take a few deep breaths

4. Practice progressive muscle relaxation

5. Take a short nap

6. Put yourself into a power pose for two minutes

7. Do some strength training

8. Give someone you love a hug

9. Take a cold shower or an ice bath

10. Smile

It may sound simple, but it really works. Try these techniques to pick yourself up when you feel down.