Hack Your Brain and Create New Habits

Did you know you can hack your daily routine to make new habits stick?

Enter the neurohacking technique of Habit Stacking.

The idea of habit stacking is to put your new habits inside existing habits so they don’t eat up so much time and energy.⏱️(read: make them EASY)

One of the latest habit stacks in my life has been meditation + ice baths. 🧊

I LOVE mindful meditation, so much so that I taught it for a decade! However, when I try meditating, it is often too peaceful for me. (Yes, you read it right. 😆) I don’t want to set aside an extra 10 minutes in my already full day even though I understand the benefits of meditation.

Ice baths on the other hand, are something that I will ALWAYS make time for. You’d have to pry them from my cold (cold!) hands to get me to give them up. My new habit stack is to turn on 10 minutes of mindful meditation while doing my daily ice baht!🛀 I put a speaker near me and while I am in the tub doing nothing but soaking, I can meditate. No wasted time here!

It gives me a stimulated sense of calm and helps me prepare for the coming months. 😌

What has been a recent Habit Stack that has helped you? Maybe you’ve created one without even realizing!

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