How to Make a No Sound Like a Yes

Still having trouble setting boundaries with your work?

Maybe it’s time for a sandwich – and no, I’m not talking about lunchmeat!🥪

Sandwiching your no between two yesses!

Author @William Ury defines this as the “positive no,” – a three-part yes-no-yes structure:

1. Say yes to a top priority in your life.👍

2. Deliver a respectful, clear no. 🙅

3. Say yes to how you could meet the other person’s needs.✅

Double down on your No with a couples Yes’s

For example, imagine that your boss asks you to work this weekend.

Start with yes: “I have an important family commitment this weekend.”

Then say no: “So I can’t work this weekend.”

Conclude with a yes that meets your boss’s needs—on your terms: “I’d be happy to work late Wednesday and Thursday to get the project done by Friday.”

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