It’s Time to Start Saying “No” – Your Brain Will Thank You

Nothing is more powerful than the word No

If you’ve tried everything to lower your stress – meditation, running, yoga…and you’re still constantly overwhelmed, I’ll let you in on a little secret…🤫

No energy-management technique is more powerful than the word 𝙣𝙤.🙅

Even so, many of us maintain codependent relationships with our jobs. We take on too much, feel guilty when we skip an event, and worry that people won’t think we’re “motivated” or “a team player.” 

Start setting (and keeping) boundaries

If you’re a leader, encourage your employees to come to you when they need help managing stress. Understand that all neurosignatures react to stress differently, and allow your employees to set boundaries around social events, meetings, and communication. 

Creating a brain-friendly workplace will empower all employees to operate at their personal best.

If your job is consuming your life, my book is a great excuse to chat with your boss about brain-friendly boundaries. 😉

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