Managing Your Stress and Relationships with NEUROSCIENCE

Does this sound familiar?

You’re at work trying to finalize an important document with a past-due deadline while your manager or boss is breathing down your neck and threatening to fire you if it doesn’t get completed NOW!

Yep – I’ve been there. 🙋

This type of constant stress at work has such a detrimental effect on our relationships. 

Increased stress = decreased empathy

Long stress causes us to lose empathy for our clients, our coworkers, and even our partners at home. Where some managers may think the added pressure would bolster productivity – it actually does the opposite, and the quality of work can suffer. 

There are two important chemicals at work here – cortisol and oxytocin.  

When one goes up ⬆️the other goes down ⬇️.

Check out my video below for more science behind stress and relationships AND how to keep your teams more relaxed throughout their workdays.