Prioritize Taking a Break To Perform Your Best

It’s time to schedule strategic rest

Many of us are overwhelmed and exhausted from the constant change and uncertainty of our current reality. We seem to be living in a time of constant crisis. 

How can we cope with it? One way is to schedule what I call strategic rest. It’s not only important from a well-being perspective. It’s also crucial from a performance standpoint. 

The flow state is very energy-intensive. During flow, neurotransmitters zoom through your brain, raising your performance to its peak. In order to restore your neurobalance, and replenish your neurotransmitters, ensure you schedule a rest period for after you’ve come out of flow.

Athletes don’t train 24/7, they schedule in recovery periods. In doing so, they are maximizing their results! Strategic rest keeps your high performance sustainable. By recovering after an intense period of peak performance, you’ll be primed to reach your peak more easily next time.

Illustration credit: Carolin Nishwitz