Support Your Brain Health Through Your Gut

Fermented foods are a secret weapon to great breain health

May I offer you a glass of spicy champagne? 🥂

My homemade ginger soda is *always* a crowd pleaser. It’s tangy, effervescent, a bit spicy, and incredibly refreshing.  Even my kids love it!

Ginger soda, and other fermented foods and drinks, are brain-boosting superheroes because they are full to the brim with probiotics; it’s no wonder humans have been making and enjoying them for centuries.

Not only does your gut act as a second brain, it also helps feed and create our “first” brain. A lot of the neurotransmitters that our brain uses are produced in the gut!  Keeping a healthy gut microbiome has a huge impact on our overall wellness. From brain function, to your immune system, and even to your mood – it all starts in the gut!

Whether you take them or make them, your brain LOVES when it’s given a steady supply of probiotics. What fermented foods do you love to get your funk on?

Friederike’s Favourite Ginger Soda Recipe

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