The Key To Less Stress? YOU!

How is it possible to make our stress more manageable?

I receive many questions during my keynote events about how the workplace can change to become a better environment. 

The one I am asked the most: How can I handle being so stressed at work?


Just kidding!

There are no quick fixes, but I have some ways you can start handling stress and go from mess to success.

What can we do?

#1: Just say “No.”.⛔ If you have too much work, you need to decline something. Whether it’s another project, that tea with a friend, or being on the board of the PTA, it’s not about being lazy but instead knowing what is beneficial for you and your business. And what is fine to miss!

#2 You have to be smarter about the tasks you prioritize.⏱️ Work is important, but so are your relationships with others, your own health and self-care, and all the other areas where you choose to create a happy, fulfilling life. Your priorities will not line up with someone else’s, so it’s OK to say no when it doesn’t make sense to add it to your to-do list.

Let your brain GROW

Here’s an example: I had someone ask me: “I am always multitasking. Is that bad for my brain?” 

Yes! Multitasking shrinks your brain. 

The person elaborated to say they are a head of a department and are always pulled into crisis meetings that last at least an hour each time. In these meetings, they have to make decisions based on different topics. 

My suggestion? Say no to these hour-long meetings! Go in for 5 minutes to give your sign-off on the issues. They can have the meetings on their own and have a few minutes to check in with you on their most sensitive stuff. 

Lessening stress is about sustainable growth🌱, not just a daily blueberry smoothie or meditation.