Where Are My Highly-Intuitive People At?

What it means to have a high-estrogen neurosignature

Would you describe yourself as highly-intuitive? If you are great at picking up on others’ “vibes,” you may have a high-estrogen neurosignature.

Here are some other indicators:

  • You can spot patterns in seemingly random data
  • You are prone to “hunches” or “gut feelings”
  • You’re interested in other people and seek to bond with them on a deeper level
  • You are verbally gifted
  • Unlike your high-testosterone colleagues, your altruistic nature is expressed through donations or volunteering versus bold acts of bravery

Careful, though! This unique neurosignature may make you “systems blind,” as your “big picture” mindset can prevent you from focusing on details. You can also ruminate and worry excessively, which can lead to pessimism, self-criticism, and gossiping.

How high-estrogen neurosignatures perform at their best

When working with a high-estrogen colleague, invite them into your office for a heart-to-heart when they seem stressed. This one-on-one bonding will do them good.

Place these high-estrogen employees in team lead positions, as their desire to create cooperation and harmony will create a positive, encouraging workplace. 

Careful not to conflate “high-estrogen” exclusively with females either. I know a male high-estrogen HR leader who created an exceptionally family-friendly, inclusive workplace that attracts talent to his company like a MAGNET.

Does this sound like you? What role do you hold? How do you use your neurosignature to thrive in your workplace?

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Neurosignature Concept Credit: Neurocolor – Illustration Credit: Carolin Nischwitz

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