Where is Your Optimal Stress Point?

Picture this:

Your laptop alerts that your battery is dying.

4 slack notifications come in back to back.

A meeting is starting in 3 minutes.

The delivery driver rings the doorbell.

How are you doing?? I know how I would be feeling! 

We each have an “optimal stress point”

The point where we feel challenged and focused but not overwhelmed. 

When you’re in the sweet spot, you will experience much higher performance than someone who is bored or someone who is stressed out. But cross over that threshold? Your higher-order thinking will shut down as your brain races like a hamster on a wheel!

Every one of us has a different optimal stress point, which is why some people are able to stay so cool and calm at times when others may be on the verge of cracking! 

Knowing your optimal stress point is KEY to being able to work at your peak performance.

So, I’ll ask again – how would you be feeling in that situation?

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