Why you NEED a vacation!

Have you ever had a vacation SOOO good that it actually taught you something? 🤩

Recently, I headed to the mountains. Of course, there were ice cream dates and cold plunges, and time in nature with my beautiful family. But there was also a jam-packed week full of TV interviews, speaking engagements, and book editing right before we left.

I realized I don’t want to continue the cycle I was on:
Go-go-go → feel like my head is going to explode → go on vacation → come back refreshed… And start all over again.

If you’re an introvert like me, you know that with go-go-go, your energy levels go down-down-down, and sometimes they get so low that you need a vacation to level that back out.

So how can we disrupt this exhausting cycle?

Maintaining a work/life balance that prioritizes important tasks and leaves room for recovery – throughout the year, not just on those amazing vacations will help. Without NEEDING to take a vacation, they just might get even better!